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Established in 2013, the Global Institute of Planning and Sustainable Development, GIPSD, is a Chicago, USA-based, but globally functional, nonprofit international education and community development institution that takes hands-on, non-traditional college to the communities and neighborhoods where real practical solutions are needed. 

The institute’s main aim is to build strong partnerships that work together for the common good by collaboratively building a citizen-oriented, globally competitive and transformed Global African communities, void of cycles of generational dependency and all forms of deprivation, such as poverty, high unemployment, hunger, healthy food deserts, illiteracy, digital divide, food insecurity, preventable diseases, gender inequity, water & sanitation scarcity, green energy, etc.

The institute, with an initial commitment to disenfranchised minorities and Global Africans, strengthens local actors by creating global options and opportunities in order to improve holistic quality of life by developing globally competitive skills-set for sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives. This goal is achieved through demand-driven, culturally-sensitive, self-directed, practical education, applied research, and customized training; innovative local raw material manufacturing-based entrepreneurship with microfinance, global trade and social ventures; as well as technologically-sound professional development and services; from transformative planning to sustainable development. GIPSD takes a hands-in, rather than a crippling hand-out approach to building productive lives in strong and livable communities.

We look forward to working with you as Change Agents/Global Impact Partners and Program Beneficiaries.


The Global Institute aims at building strong collaborations to create global options and career opportunities for breaking the cycle of generational dependency and all forms of deprivations through demand-driven, cross-cultural education, applied research,  and customized training; innovative manufacturing-based entrepreneurship with global trade; as well as technologically-sound professional development and services to improve holistic quality of life that also achieves environmental preservation, by applying transformative planning principles to achieve sustainable community development, with initial commitment to Global African communities.



Challenged by increasing disparity of globalization and glocalization, the unmet United Nation’s 2015 MDGs and current 2030 SDGs, African Union’s Agenda 2063, and the paradox of a culturally and resource-rich African continent where the majority of the citizens are so stricken by poverty, we visualize the Global Institute as a leader in adopting innovative, non-traditional, collaborative tools to engage vibrant Global Africans working together to stimulate sustainable development of individuals as well as environmental preservation of their communities.



  • We respond to the paradox of Africa’s rich resources but yet poverty and generational-dependency stricken, as well as abysmal global sustainable development research results that call for immediate actions to provide needed solutions to target population, especially the disenfranchised and their communities.
  • We are also motivated to provide sustainable actions by the realities of Africa’s inability to meet the United Nation’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, and a potential slack for 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, as well as African Union’s, (AU) Agenda 2063 targets, without proactive well-planned efforts.
  • More importantly, we are inspired by the Biblical Global Great Commission, to “teach all nations,” cutting through all nationalities, cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, religions, creeds, beliefs, classes, titles, statues, tastes, preferences, diversities, etc. (Matthew 28:19).  Charity, putting love in action or we are nothing and profiting nothing (1 Corinthians 13:2-3) also serves as a motivation. The challenge to: “…have compassion, making a difference:” (Jude 22) is exciting as it is being accompanied by the promise in Proverbs to be watered after watering others. Although primarily targeting developing African countries and marginalized Global Africans everywhere in the world, with the right resources, our programs are open to anyone from anywhere. 

Our Core Values

  1. Social Justice for all;No Discrimination; Respect forEquality and Equity to all People
  2. Total Commitment to Individuals and Families Improved Quality of Life and Community Transformation
  3. Charity andCompassionwith Respect
  4. Encouragement and Confidentiality of Trust and Superior Customer Service
  5. Integrity, Ethics and Transparency
  6. Holistic Human Capital Development
  7. Culturally-Sensitive, Demand-Driven, Global-StandardQualityEducation and Academic excellence
  8. Innovative Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Self-Determination and Financial Services
  9. Value-Added Manufacturing and Processing of Local Resources
  10. Globally Competitive Trade
  11. Global Collaborations and Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  12. Community-Oriented Planning and Sustainable Economic Development


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