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Project Overview

With the increasing wave of globalization and glocalization, the Institute of Planning and Sustainable Development, GIPSD, is a USA-based nonprofit educational and international community development institution forging academic excellence and research for human capital development and environmental justice. The institute aims to alleviate generational dependency, poverty, and technical information deprivation, by developing globally competitive skills-set, sustainable entrepreneurship with global trade, and innovative professional services. It is all about hands in, not hand out. Working as an innovative, nontraditional hands-on community development college, GIPSD collaborates with locals around the world, to build strong citizen oriented communities, with initial commitment to Global Africans, through transformative planning and sustainable development that not only improves holistic quality of life, but also preserves the environment.
Together with customized training, and need-based professional development across various fields; adopted proven tools incorporate:

Ø EDUCATION & CUSTOMIZED TRAINING (Demand-driven, culturally-sensitive, self-motivated, and technical skills based);
Ø ENTREPRENEURSHIP/GLOBAL TRADE (Innovative, manufacturing-based,scalable for global distributorship; and technology-driven social ventures), as well as
Ø P R O F E S S I O N A L S E RV I C E S ( Te c h n i c a l l y s o u n d for transformative community planning, heathcare, and all facets of sustainable development).

This conference is organized by the Global Institute of Planning and Sustainable Development, USA, in collaboration with the Global School of Planning and Sustainable Development, Uyo, Nigeria, with support from the Great State of Illinois, USA; Government of AkwaIbom State, the Federal Government of Nigeria, and affiliate entities.

We look forward to working with you as Change Agents and program beneficiaries. On the whole, GIPSD is about…

…breaking generational dependency and all forms of deprivation through demand-driven education, entrepreneurship & global trade, as well as technologically sustainable professional development and services for holistic individuals' transformation, as well as community sustainability.


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    Open to all Africans
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    Any participant
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