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  • International College Enrolment and Placement
  • Diploma/Associate Degree/Short-term Certificates and Customized Technical Training, Professional Development
  • Global Youth Leadership Development with Global Student Associations
  • Global University-Community Engagement
  • Institutional-Organizational-Community Partnerships
  • Credit for Classroom-Field Life experience with community sustainable projects (connecting faculty and students to organizations, helping students graduate with employable skills and industry connections necessary to get relevant employment)
  • Faculty-Student interaction outside the classroom
  •  Internships, Apprenticeships, Sustainability Projects
  • Cross-cultural Experiential Learning and Exchange Program - International Learning Trips (Country Visits, Cross-cultural Volunteer services, Internships, Research, Faculty-Student Exchange, Sabbatical, Institutional Exchanges, International Collaborations/Cross-Cultural Exchange of Students and Faculty - Global Service & Experiential Learning, international Internship, Research, etc.
  • Global Continuous Learning (Annual Global Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Symposium, Forum, Global Classroom, Online Workshops, Webinars, Essay Competition, etc. (Global African-Oriented Best Practices in Transformative Planning and Sustainable Development – Rotational to different countries)
  • Named Sponsorship Program, Lecture Series and Endowments

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