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Faith Evans

Global Director AGOA

Board Member of Women Business Entrepreneurs in California.

Member of International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

1993: Accompanied late Princess Diana’s visit on humanitarian leprosy patients’ center in Zimbabwe.

1995: Chairperson for the Southern African Widows Association worked vigorously to address and promote human welfare of the freedom fighters families of Zimbabwe

1997: Member of the Southern African Women Business Organization worked with late Winnie Mandela in South Africa.

Global Institute Trade/AGOA Strategic Plan

The African Global Institute Trade/AGOA, assist members the in supporting the scope, policy, standard operating procedures, packaging and shipping including regulatory objectives abiding by local and International Trade rules.  This order is to fulfill the organizational statutory duties.

Its assignment embraces and undertake serious practices to the effective development of African Global Institute Trade/AGOA as follows:

Growth Plan

  1. Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Packaging and Shipping
  3. Regulatory & Environmental Protection
  4. Marketing & Networking
  5. Cross Cultural Communication

Work with and cross cultural agencies to improve performance and management, and pursue greater effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and quality of government services and programs.

Promoting and authorization the great value and application of AGOA and rub in Standard Operating procedures and significantly widespread improvement, presentation and application of ongoing administration and omission of activities’ programs in accordance within the policies and priorities.

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Global Institute Trade/AGOA

Labor involvements to progress regulations that uphold a steadiness defensive the health, welfare, safety, and location, while encouraging work with actions to development guidelines that maintain a steadiness of keeping the health, welfare, safety, and environment, while encouraging economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation.  Work with other agencies to maximize the practical utility, public benefit, while maximizing the load of data collection and networking.

Continue to be an important and valued basis of evidence created on the value of study and capability to falsify positive dealings across the Global Institute Trade/AGOA.

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