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Dr. Lydia Moeng

Global Institute African Ambassador

Dr. Lydia Moeng is the African Ambassador of the Global Institute of Planning and Sustainable Development. She has the enormous responsibility of working to establish national chapters and coordinate country directors of the Global Institute in all fifty-five countries of the continent. 

Dr. Lydia Moeng is a qualified teacher. She has qualifications in education, management, law, business, theology, and counseling. She has worked in schools, served as Legal Advisor and Education Specialist in the Office of the Member of Executive Council (MEC- Minister of Education in the Province/County) for Education in the North West Province in South Africa, and Head of Conduct Management Unit in Labour Relations. 

She currently runs her own consultancy, training, and business development company, Monaana Institute (Pty) Ltd. She is the Dean of Northwestern Christian University from Florida, USA, in Southern Africa since 2014, offering theology and counseling programs. She trains for different universities and other institutions of Higher Learning.

She is the founder and president of the Hephzibah Women of Destiny movement which empowers and supports women around the world. Dr. Moeng is the founder of the ADEAL Crusade, an organization led by women to preach the Gospel around the world, offer social interventions, and empower communities for self-sustenance. This is the subsidiary of Hephzibah Women of Destiny. 

She is the founder and president of the Lydia Moeng Foundation, which takes care of the needy, the poor, orphans, widows, and the destitute. She is the author of 52 published books, covering academic, business, motivational, and inspirational books. She is the Chief Editor of MI Publishing House, which has produced many books and more than 20 authors. She trains, coaches, and empowers upcoming writers to write.

Dr. Lydia has been the International Secretary of LEIC  (Leadership Empowerment International Conference) and is now the International Director of Tourism and Vocational Training & A Board member for MIFA (Missionaries for Africa) which empowers and supports ministers of the Gospel around the world. She is an international speaker who has spoken in over 25 countries.

Dr. Moeng is the manufacturer of cleaning detergents and hygiene products like sanitizers and trains people to manufacture the same, under Charis Detergents company. She supplies sanitary pads and other hygiene products.

She is a small-scale subsistent farmer in Swartruggens, South Africa. She is also the founder and senior pastor of her own ministry, Grace and the Word Ministries International.

Dr. Moeng was born and bred in Silwerkraans (Tlokweng) village around Rustenburg in South Africa. She stays in Swartruggens along the N4 in the North West Province of South Africa. She is a mother, a sister, and an aunt.

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